VoteWithMe is a free app that helps you make the most impact in upcoming elections by helping you see which friends need your reminder to vote.

In 2019, VoteWithMe was acquired by The Tuesday Company, a technology company that’s committed to helping organizations strengthen relationships with supporters to drive community and activism online.

Together, we can fix this mess.

People are more likely to
Vote if a friend asks.

Be that friend.

You can make sure our future isn't a coin toss.

Chances are, you know a progressive friend who may not vote. VoteWithMe uses voter history made public by your Secretary of State to help identify who needs your encouragement the most.

Turn out votes where it matters most.

Every vote counts, but some races are closer than others. We keep track of elections so you don’t have to. Have influence all over the country by motivating friends who can vote in competitive elections.

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