About VoteWithMe

VoteWithMe is a mobile app that uses your personal network to help you get out the vote. VoteWithMe gives you a list of the highest-impact potential voters in your phone's address book. Then, it's up to you to remind each of your contacts to vote. Do your part to advance progressive goals and help get out the vote!

How it Works

You authorize VoteWithMe to sync your phone's address book with the voter database to find people you know who may be eligible to vote in upcoming elections. The app ranks your contacts by who is most in need of a nudge in order to show up on Election Day. Then, all you have to do is call or text to remind them.

Don't worry, you'll be the one reaching out to your friends. We won't ever contact them for you.

Why VoteWithMe

We believe that higher participation leads to a stronger democracy. VoteWithMe is committed to maximizing voter turnout, and it's built on the idea that personal networks play a more critical role in organizing than ever before. We think VoteWithMe can help.

We need your help to get out the vote. So download VoteWithMe today and get started!

How can I help?

If you’d like to support a stronger democracy, and you enjoy using VoteWithMe, please rate it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Your positive rating helps others find it!

Beyond VoteWithMe

VoteWithMe is powered by The Tuesday Company.

Experiencing an issue with VoteWithMe? Have a comment? We welcome feedback at help@votewithme.us!

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Our democracy needs you.

Download VoteWithMe and get out the vote!