Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoteWithMe?

VoteWithMe is a free app for iOS and Android that shows you the voting history of your contacts so that you can reach out to people you know and be more targeted in your communication. Reminding your friends and family to vote is a powerful, concrete action you can take to have a big impact on the important upcoming elections and on the issues that matter most to you. VoteWithMe has a proven track record of effectiveness in engaging voters to turn out for elections and was inspired by research that says a simple reminder to vote from a friend or family really works. And higher voter turnout will create change in communities throughout America.

How does VoteWithMe work?

With your permission, VoteWithMe syncs your phone's address book with a voter database to find people you know who may be eligible to vote in upcoming elections. Based on the publicly-available voter file maintained by each state, the app shows who in your contacts is most in need of a nudge in order to show up on Election Day. Then, all you have to do is text to remind them.

What does VoteWithMe do with contact data?

If you grant permission, you are allowing VoteWithMe to safely and securely upload your mobile phone contacts to sync them with publicly available voter records. This is what enables VoteWithMe to show you the friends most in need of encouragement to vote. That is all you are allowing us to do with your contact information.

We will not reach out to your contacts, nor advertise to them, nor will we sell or share their information to anyone who would. After the election, all of your uploaded contacts will be deleted.

Who can use VoteWithMe?

VoteWithMe can be used by anyone who believes voting is the way to make your voice heard in a democracy. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and you can do it on your own schedule. VoteWithMe users will be texting friends – not strangers. VoteWithMe is free for everyone to use, including individuals, campaigns, non-profits, and other groups.

Are you affiliated with any particular party? Are you associated with the DNC or specific Democratic campaigns?

The VoteWithMe app is free and open to everyone. We believe in progressive ideals and equal rights and liberty for all, and that increasing citizens’ access to democracy is the best way to push those ideas forward.

What do you do with the data you collect?

All the data we collect is used to provide you the VoteWithMe service, figure out the VoteWithMe impact, and is then deleted. The data is never sold or used to contact or advertise to your friends.

Who is behind VoteWithMe?

VoteWithMe was created by The New Data Project, a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization. Our executive director is Mikey Dickerson, the former Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service under President Obama, who led the team to repair and was an early leader of Google’s Site Reliability Engineering team.

How is this different from other relational organizing apps?

VoteWithMe is not associated with any party or campaign and is created by a registered non-profit. VoteWithMe is free to use by anyone. VoteWithMe is focused on mobile (text), not email.

How can I get VoteWithMe?

Download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store by searching for “votewithme”. VoteWithMe is free.

Why did you build VoteWithMe?

Our mission at the New Data Project is to create technology for persistent democracy. Getting more people voting means more people have a voice in their communities. VoteWithMe is our effort to turn increase voter participation through one-to-one personal outreach. We are helping build a more perfect union, ensuring a representative society by the people and for the people.

What if I see data that’s incorrect? Can you fix it for me?

All of the data in VoteWithMe comes from public government sources. We have no ability to modify that information.

Can VoteWithMe help me vote online?

No one can vote online so no, we can’t help you with that. (Okay fine, one exception: this year there’s a pilot program to help military personnel stationed overseas vote in West Virginia. So yes, those people can vote online. But even then we can’t help you.)

How can I get more matching contacts?

The national voter database doesn’t have enough information for us to match everyone automatically, but VoteWithMe also offers you the option of finding particular contacts by name. You’re able to do that lookup because you know what state your friends live in and approximately how old they are, things that we don’t know.

Why doesn't VoteWithMe show all of my contacts?

VoteWithMe may not include all of the contacts that are on your mobile phone. For example, VoteWithMe excludes contacts that are marked as businesses and those that have no first and last name.

What do you mean by “flippable” or “tight” election”?

We use the non-partisan Cook Report to assess whether a particular election is solidly in Democratic hands or solidly in Republican hands. If a seat isn’t rated “Solid”, then the race is considered competitive and the seat could conceivably flip from one party to another. The Cook Report has rated 100 house races as competitive, i.e. flippable, and we’re confident VoteWithMe can help to sway at least 23 of these seats from red to blue, achieving a Democratic House majority.